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Make a Booking with CSC Motors

You can use our online booking system for a 'Stage 1 Remap' or 'Power Run'.

We offer tuning 6 days a week. We also offer evening appointments

Online booking is only available 3 weeks in advance for anything further, please give us a call on 01592 8599 or message us on Messenger/Whatsapp

Please note if you want to make a booking for a Stage 2 Remap, Custom Tuning or Dyno Hire, Please contact us by visiting here.

Select Your Service

Stage 1 Remap


What's included

  • Basic Health Check
  • Datalogging Pre Remap
  • Datalogging Post Remap
  • Remap Certificate
  • All Vehicles

Rolling Road Upgrade (2WD Only) - £30

Power Runs


What's included

  • Basic Health Check
  • 2 Runs - Back to Back
  • Dyno Graph
  • BHP & Torque Available
  • 2 Wheel Drive


* Please note, the remap price listed above is based on your car being remapped via the OBD port. Some vehicles require the ECU to removed for tuning purposes and this will carry an additional cost. Only 5% of cars require this and we will notify you if this is the case

CSC Motors Partners

To ensure we provide the best service, we have carefully selected the best partners in the tuning industry to provide safe and reliable remaps in Fife and East of Scotland. We only work with genuine and licensed tuning tools meaining we have the full support of the tool providers.

CSC Motors are delighted to be a SM Tuning Authorised Dealer
CSC Motors have a 2 Wheel Drive Dimsport Rolling Road
CSC Motors work with Payment Assist to provide interest free payments
CSC Motors use a Genuine Autotuner
CSC Motors use a Genuine Alientech Kess3
CSC Motors can supply Scorpion
CSC Motors can supply MTC Motorsports Products
CSC Motors use a Genuine Autel System which is dealer level
CSC Motors can supply Milltek
CSC Motors can supply Darkside Developments Products