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Using your online booking system you can booking a 'Stage 1 Remap' or 'Power Run' online.

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Stage 1 Remap

Stage 1 ECU Remap via OBD


What's included

  • Basic Health Check
  • Datalogging Pre Remap
  • Datalogging Post Remap
  • Remap Certificate
  • All Vehicles

Stage 1 + Power Runs

Stage 1 ECU Remap with Power Runs


What's included

  • Same as 'Stage 1 Remap'
  • Power Runs Pre/Post Remap
  • Dyno Graph
  • 2 Wheel Drive Only
  • Cars & Vans Only

Power Runs

Power Runs on our Rolling Road


What's included

  • Basic Health Check
  • 2 Runs - Back to Back
  • Dyno Graph
  • BHP & Torque Available
  • 2 Wheel Drive (FWD/RWD)

Please note, all remapping prices listed above are based on your car being remapped via the OBD port. Some vehicles require the ECU to removed for tuning, this will carry an additional cost from £ 50 depending on the time involved to remove the ECU. Only 10% of cars require this and we will notify you if this is the case

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