From Non-Running to a Powerhouse: The Custom Tuned Zafira GSi

View this 400bhp custom tuned Zafira GSI by CSC Motors in Glenrothes

The Custom Tuned 400hp Zafira GSi

From Non-Running to a Powerhouse: The Custom Tuned Zafira GSi by CSC Motors & Als Autos

For all car enthusiasts, there's a riveting journey we're eager to share—a tale of transformation, dedication, and engineering finesse centered around the Zafira GSi. Between CSC Motors & Als Autos this has been years of dreaming and around 6 months of dedication and of course money to finally get the car to where we wanted it. The car is owned by one of our directors, Craig. 

Zafira GSI Customed Tuned by CSC Motors

The Building Process by Als Autos

Before delving into the specifics of the tuning, it's crucial to highlight the monumental efforts by Als Autos over the past six months. This Zafira GSi has been meticulously transformed from a non-running state to a fully operational marvel. Every aspect of the car underwent detailed scrutiny and enhancement.

Als Autos rebuilt the engine using forged rods, elevating its robustness and longevity. They replaced the flywheel, radiator etc to get it running again. Beyond the mechanical rebuild, they also tackled intricate wiring issues, ensuring the car not only runs but performs seamlessly. Such dedication and craftsmanship underscore the passion that went into breathing new life into this vehicle. As we say to him all the time - The car was rebuilt to specification which is what Alan is all about being a dealer trained vauxhall mechanic. His love for the Z20LEx platform helps eleviate CSC Motors to the no. 1 tuning workshop in Scotland for VXR's 

GSI Engine being built GSI Engine being built


Video Captured by Als Autos

To get a closer look at the entire tuning process and delve into the action, don't miss the video captured by Als Autos. The visual journey beautifully encapsulates the essence of the day and the passion poured into the tuning.




Key Specifications of the Zafira GSi Post-Tuning:

  • Engine: Forged Z20LEH with VXR Pistons and Nevlock H Beam Rods. Notably, it underwent a full rebuild in April. Gates Racing Timing Belt.
  • Head Componentry: Rebuilt with piper valve springs, valves sunk further into the head and new lifters.
  • Cams: Piper Fast Road Cams.
  • Additional Specs: Nevlock Valve Stem Retainers, Deka 630's, MTC Motorsport Intercooler with an enlarged top hat, and an EDS Copy Inlet Manifold.
  • Turbo: KRS Turbos K04 Stage 3 Hybrid Turbo, complemented with a Tubular Manifold, Turbosmart Actuator, and a Forge Recirc.
  • Airflow: 90mm MAF paired with RS4 Housing.
  • Exhaust: A robust 3" Stainless Steel Exhaust, running from the turbo back.
  • Clutch & Flywheel: 6 Paddle Helix Clutch and TTV Lightened Flywheel.
  • Additional Components: Quantum 340LPH Fuel Pump, Rear BCS Delete, and a 3 Bar Map Sensor.

For those interested, the detailed dyno graph that showcases the enhanced performance metrics post-tuning can be found below.

In wrapping up, we'd like to extend our appreciation to everyone who played a pivotal role in this tuning journey. It's projects like these that remind us of the passion and community spirit in the world of car tuning.

Keen to explore more such transformations? Stay tuned to our space for more updates, and don't forget to check out the video by Als Autos on YouTube for an in-depth look.


Dyno Graph of the 400hp Zafira GSi Post-Tuning:

Zafira GSI 400hp Dyno Graph

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