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We have added bench mapping

CSC Motors Customer Service Announcement


Due to our rapid expansion and overwhelming success, we are proud to announce our latest acquisition – Autotuner!

Autotuner is an Ultra-fast, easy-to-use universal ECU/ECM/TCU programming tool. Autotuner offers OBD, Bench and Boot remapping. By purchasing Autotuner this will allow us to cover more cars and improve our data logging for certain vehicles.

What is Bench / Boot Mapping?

Bench mapping as you can tell from the name means removing the ECU from the vehicle and remapping it on a bench. This is a more complex way of remapping a car and is required when a vehicle won't support remapping via OBD or won't allow full access to the map data.

Once we have removed the ECU from the car to carry out a bench tune, we have two options.

1/ We can place connectors onto the ECU pins and carry out the tune without opening up the ECU as seen in the images

2/ We are required to open up the ECU and connect directly to the chips inside. This is done by safely cutting the glue that seals the ECU and then connecting to the correct parts of the ECU. We will reseal the ECU correctly after writing the tuned file. This is also known as a boot remap.


Once the tune is completed using one of the methods above, we will refit the ECU to the car and carry out the data logging. The method required varies by car, and we will notify you of the process we have chosen.

We will be accepting bookings from the 23rd July 2021 for cars that require bench mapping. This will allow us to carry out training with SM Tuning and practice on our in-house test vehicles.

Bench mapping will be carried out at our service centre at Glenrothes with assistance from our resident mechanic. This service will carry an additional supplement from £20.

When making a booking, we will let you know before the commencement of any works if your car can be tuned using OBD or requires a bench map.

All vehicles can be re-set to manufacturer's factory settings; however, there is an additional cost for this procedure. You can enquire about this service at the time of booking.

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Craig Burns

Craig is a Tuning Technician at CSC Motors and will carry out the diagnostics on cars. Craig has a background in computing, making him the perfect member of the team to carry out our remaps and diagnostics.

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