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Why should I Remap my Car or Van?

CSC Motors explain why you should tune your car and the benefits from having a remap in our blog

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Why Should I Remap my Car or Van?

When a vehicle is manufactured for global sale, it must be able to cope with many different climates and environments. The vehicle must be able to cope with poor quality fuels sold in less developed countries, perform at high and low altitudes, cope with poor or non-existence servicing and perform with severe differences in temperature. Therefore, when a manufacturer is producing a map for a vehicle to be sold globally, it must make a compromise, between performance, and the vehicles ability to perform in a number of different environments.

Thankfully, in the UK we do not have many of the issues outlined above. We have good quality fuels and servicing regimes, so we can tune vehicles without having to compromise on reliability. We can tune vehicles to the UK environment to give you increased power, more torque and a better throttle respons while remaining within the safe limits. By improving the efficiency of your vehicle you will also benefit from smoother driveability, easier overtaking, better towing ability and increased MPG (Subject to driving style).

As an SM Tuning Authorised Dealer, we work with Sean, the founder, who has over a decade of experience in tuning and improving the performance of cars. Sean is always at the forefront of advancements in the tuning industry, and he believes in safe and sensible tuning. Tuning can improve the efficiency and performance of your car if done correctly however, a poor remap can also cause issues with your car. Therefore we have partnered with one of the best tuners in the UK to provide safe and reliable remaps. We can attest to the reliability of SM Tuning's remaps as we have been running them on our cars for over half a decade and have never had an issue.

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Do you carry out a health check? 

Yes we carry out a basic health check on every car prior to tuning to ensure it meets the guidlines to proceed. This is inline with our terms and conditions. 


Do you use data logs? 

As part of our tuning process, we will carry out data logs before and after tuning a car. This is one of the ways to ensure your vehicle is reacting as expected once its remapped. We can also use these logs to ensure your car is remapped previously and to ensure its running correctly. 


How can you extract so much power from some vehicles?

Certain vehicles offer unbelievable gains in power and torque following a Remap, often the vehicles that offer the best increase in power and torque are severely detuned from factory. It is now common practise for a manufacturer to produce one engine yet offer several different power options. For example, take the new Ford Transit 2.2 TDCI engine, there are four power options for this vehicle: 85, 100, 125, and 155 PS. How is this possible when the engines are all the same size and all have identical hardware? It all comes down to the map loaded onto the ECU from factory. Basically the 85 PS engine is a detuned 155 PS engine, the 155 PS model can be tuned to 180 BHP, therefore the 85 PS model can also be tuned to 180 BHP. That’s an increase of 95 BHP!


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What is the difference between a road tuning and a dyno tuning?

The main difference is how we obtain the logs after we have applied the remap to your vehicle. The initial health check and subsequent process for carrying out the remap is the same initially. The main difference occurs when its time to data log the car to ensure the car is running correctly and tweaking the map file if required.

Dyno Tuning means the data logging is carried out on our in-house rolling road. Using the rolling road's eddy brake, we can control the acceleration of your car so if we need longer data logs to show precision changes in the logs, we can do this. Also, with dyno tuning you are in a safe and controlled environment where you can see the before and after of your vehicle. This will give you proven gains.

Road tuning is carried out using data logs obtained from the road. Once we have applied the remap, we will take your car for a run and carry out datalogging usually on a dual carriageway to obtain the logs needed. This is done within the speed limits so limits the gear we can carry out the logs in. This is also less controlled as you are on the road and have other road users to consider. At the end, we will use the data logs to calculate the estimated power gains.

With both Dyno and Road tuning, you can be assured you are receiving the best service possible and we work closely with the file writer (SM Tuning) to ensure your car is running correctly and Sean will make adjustments as required to your map to ensure the most efficient and smoothest remap possible. Once, we have extracted the highest safe power from your car you will be given a print out of the power or remap certificate with the estimated power gain depending on what package you have chosen.


You can find out more at our Frequently Asked Questions Section by clicking here

Craig Burns

Craig is a Tuning Technician at CSC Motors and will carry out the diagnostics on cars. Craig has a background in computing, making him the perfect member of the team to carry out our remaps and diagnostics.

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