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What is AdBlue?

AdBlue technology reduces emissions from diesel vehicles, making them more environmentally friendly. However, this complex system relies on multiple components, including sensors, pumps, injectors, and a dedicated AdBlue tank. When these parts fail, it can lead to dashboard warnings, reduced performance, or even prevent your vehicle from starting. Repairs at main dealerships are often expensive and time-consuming.

What is an AdBlue Disable Solution

You can get us to carry out an ECU Remapping with an AdBlue solution to deactivate the AdBlue (or SCR) system in a diesel vehicle. While keeping AdBlue systems functional is always ideal for emissions, there are circumstances where a disable becomes the more practical solution such as Parts Shortages, Failed Repairs or High Repair Costs. The combination of these factors is leading more and more vehicle owners to consider solutions such as disabling AdBlue.

Why Book with CSC Motors

We offer permanent fixes for costly AdBlue faults and NOx sensor problems, saving you ££££'s. Our experience means we can solve these common issues in newer vehicles, ensuring you avoid repeated repairs.Contact us today for a personalised quote from our technicians.

Our AdBlue disable service is intended for vehicles used in off-road environments. Customers should be aware that it is performed at their own risk/liability.

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