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Additional Options for our Remaps in Fife

CSC Motors offer a wide range of software tweaks as part of our remaps

ECU Remaps Optional Extras

We can offer a number of optional extras when carrying out a ECU remap on your vehicle. We also offer these services as a standalone service.
Please have a look at our options below and get in touch to see what is possible with your car

Please note, not all options will be available for your car

DPF/EGR Delete

We can disable your EGR and DPF in the software as part of remap.
Diesel cars only - Off Road Use Only - Physical Removal Required by 3rd party

Speed Limit/VMAX Disable

Do you have a vehicle with a speed limiter thats too low? We can disable this on most vehicles.

Swirl Flap Delete

We can disable the Swirl Flaps in the software.
Diesel cars only - Off Road Use Only - Physical Removal Required by 3rd party

Pops & Bangs / Overrun

We can add pops and bangs / crackles to a remap. This can only be install onto PETROL vehicles which have an uprated exhaust system with decat or metallic structured sports cat

Hardcut Limiter

We can add hardcut limiter to a remap. This will cut the ignition at a certain amount of revs.
Overuse can damage your turbo/car

Popcorn Limiter

Want a hard limiter like a petrol? We can add this to your car, its commonly known as popcorn limiter.
Diesel cars only

Launch Control

Want to add launch control to your car for 1/4 mile days? We can do this for most cars.

Rev Limiter Adjustment

RPM limiters are set into place to protect the engine from excessive speeds, however some rev limiters are set very low and can be safely increased.

Lambda/O2 Delete (Decat)

We can delete the secondary 02 sensor from your map file to prevent a EML due to a decat.
Petrol cars only - Off Road Use Only

DTC Delete

We can remove DTC Codes from your ECU's memory, useful if you have a decat fitted.

MAF Delete

CSC Motors can remove your Mass Airflow Sensor from your map file and allow you to run without a MAF

Adblue/SCR Delete

Adblue can be disabled to prevent issues/future failures.
Diesel cars only (Off Road Use Only)

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ECU Remapping in Scotland

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