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DPF Cleaning

CSC Motors offer DPF Cleaning at our garage in Glenrothes by prior appointment.

DPF Cleaning in Glenrothes

CSC Motors offer Carbon Cleaning

Your DPF (diesel particulate filter) is designed to capture and store soot from the exhaust so that diesel car emissions can be effectively reduced. However, over time they will become full. This means that all of the trapped soot must be burned off so that the DPF can be regenerated and the contents emptied. The process of regeneration burns off all the excess soot that has been deposited in the filter cleanly, thus reducing the harmful emissions from the exhaust, protecting both your vehicle and the environment simultaneously.

If you use the motorway regulary this will occur during your normal driving however, if you only do town driving your DPF wont reach temperatures high enough to burn the soot. This is when a CSC Motors DPF clean using Xenum Products removes all the soot and ensures your DPF doesn't become blocked

Our DPF Clean Machine:

  • Cleans and removes soot and carbon deposits from the porous honeycomb structures present in the DPF
  • Prevent repeated build-up of soot in the particle filter
  • Non-flammable, water-based liquid
  • Metal-free cleaning liquid that leaves no residue
  • Restores proper functionality of the Diesel Particle Filter
  • Improves engine & DPF reliability

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