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Experience the thrill of driving your Kia Picanto like never before! At CSC Motors, our expert remapping services unlock the hidden potential within your engine, delivering impressive gains in power, torque, and overall responsiveness. Our state-of-the-art rolling road ensures precise and reliable results, transforming your everyday drive into an exhilarating experience.

Have a look at the potential improvements to your BMW 1 Series with our stage 1 remaps. These figures showcase the power and torque gains you can expect

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"2nd car ive bought here and friendly helpful staff and did px with them , had slight issue with car after buying through no fault of garage and went back and they stopped what they were doing to help , highly recommend these guys you wont be disappointed"

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"Knowledgeable, personable and skilled. Was a pleasure doing business with you, the results on my Hilux are undeniable - definitely coming back for more. Thank you guys."