Rolling Road Disclaimer

Please read and sign our Rolling Road Disclaimer below.

Rolling Road Disclaimer

All procedures tests and disclaimers apply to CSC Motors. Please read this document carefully and then complete the form and sign the agreement below. No rolling road tests will be performed without this signed agreement to the terms and conditions.

Power Run Session: This consists of carrying out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures. You print will contain flywheel power and/or wheel power.

Full Dyno Session: Checks carried out to ignition operation, fuelling system, engine management fault codes and live data. CSC Motors will also carry out a full throttle power test to determine bhp and torque at the wheels and calculated flywheel figures.

Diagnostics: Where diagnostics are required to find a fault, our hourly labour rate will apply. This is an additionl cost payable to the cost of the power run.

Pre Test Conditions: You, The customer, must make sure the vehicle is in a fit state to dyno test: fluid levels are topped up oil, water, tyres are in good condition and correctly inflated, the cooling system must be free from defects and functioning correctly. The exhaust must be gas tight as we may need to take samples from the tail pipe and leaks will dilute these readings

The vehicle must have adequate fuel and of the correct octane rating. If your fuel level is too low, we wont carry out the dyno session.

For the purposes of accurate performance testing and best results you must be satisfied that all relevant components are in the best condition , for example , spark plugs, injectors, turbochargers, ignition system should all be in good working order otherwise the results may not represent the true performance of the vehicle. The rolling road may of course be used to establish the cause or source of the problem.

Securing the car: There must be means to attach securing straps to the vehicle if not we may not be able to power test it. In these circumstances where we have spent the normal time on the rolling road the agreed charges will still apply. Please note cars that are extremely low or with body kits fitted may have problems with clearance if you think your car may be a problem please consult us first.

Safety: The customer must conform to the safety instructions given by CSC Motors personnel, particularly regarding safe distances and noise protection , please observe safety notices and no entry signs. Failure to adhere to safety instructions will result in immediate cessation of any rolling road testing until the testing area has been made safe. Customers are not permitted near the Dyno during operation and must watch from the viewing area provided.

Rolling Road Appointments: We will take a non-refunable payment for your rolling road booking. This will be outlined at your booking stage.

Rolling Road Club Days: We take a booking fee of £150.00 to secure a Saturday or Sunday Club Day. This can be paid via Paypal or Bank Transfer.

If you cannot make an appointment please give as much notice as possible as a small business this allows to try and reschedule work to prevent a loss of earnings.

Agreement:As an intending customer of the rolling road testing, I have read and understood and accept the conditions and responsibilities stated above. I represent that all parts of the vehicle are in good condition and are capable of full power and full throttle performance tests during any testing/tuning being performed. I further accept that the rolling road tests are intended to be and will be at maximum performance and at wide-open throttle and could create stress which may cause wear and tear or complete damage to, but not limited to: engine, power train and/or tyre/wheel failure or damage. I accept this is carried out at my own risk and that CSC Motors and the respective personnel cannot be held responsible for any vehicle or mechanical damage or failure.

Sign the Rolling Road Disclaimer

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