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BMW M6 V8 4.4 Bi-Turbo - 560hp (F06/F12/F13 - 2011 ->) Remapping

Remap Gains Calculator

Performance Gains By CSC Motors

BMW m6 V8 4.4 BI-TURBO - 560HP Remapping

Unlock unparalleled 'BMW M6 remap gains' with CSC Motors. Our bespoke remapping services amplify your BMW M6' torque and power, transforming your driveability and throttle response. Experience a complete transformation in your vehicle's fuel performance, making every journey not just powerful but also fuel-efficient.

Whether you're new to the world of 'BMW M6 remapping' or a seasoned enthusiast, we offer flexible scheduling to suit every lifestyle. Available six days a week from Monday to Saturday, our slots even extend into the evening. Choose CSC Motors to unlock your BMW M6' full performance potential and revel in a driving experience like never before."

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Stage 1 Remap Gains

By CSC Motors

560 bhp
680 nm
680 bhp
850 nm
+ 120 bhp
+ 170 nm
No modifications are needed for Stage 1 remaps. They are designed for use with standard components and within tolerances.
* Please bear in mind that all power figures hinge on various factors, including fuel quality and service history. As such, they're best regarded as estimated gains. Our aim is to secure the finest and safest enhancements for your BMW.

Additional Features

By CSC Motors

Below, we have outlined the additional features available for your BMW. These can be carried out along with a remap or as a standalone service.

  • O2 Delete (Decat)
  • Pops & Bangs
  • Speed Limiter Removal

Why remap your BMW

With CSC Motors

At CSC Motors, we're seasoned tuning specialists situated in Glenrothes, Fife. We're all about Stage 1, Stage 2, and Custom Tuning Remaps. Connect with our tuning technicians to discuss your tuning needs – it's not just a job for us, it's a passion.

Moreover, we're proud to operate our own 2 Wheel Drive Rolling Road, one of just three in the entire Fife!

With each remap, you get a thorough Health Check – covering Oil, Coolant, Tyres, and a comprehensive Diagnostic Code Scan. We even include a test drive with datalog analysis.

Rest assured, your original map is securely stored on our servers. We're all about authenticity, using only genuine and licensed tuning tools. And yes, you'll receive a Remap Certificate & access to an Online Portal, handy for replacement Invoices & Remap Certificates.

Notably, we're in collaboration with SM Tuning – a true heavyweight among the UK's tuners!

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