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BMW X4 30D 258hp (F26 - 2014 - 2017) Tuning Stats

Check out the vehicle tuning stats that CSC Motors offer

About your BMW X4 30D 258hp (F26 - 2014 - 2017) Remap

By having a ECU remap on your BMW X4 30D 258hp at CSC Motors you can improve both torque and BHP, resulting in improved power, response and performance.

Each map installed by CSC Motors is tailored specifically for your BMW and has been dyno tested and developed to maximize gains and minimize the risk of component failure.

Tuning your BMW X4 30D 258hp will unleash your engines maximum potential that has been restricted by the manufacturer from the factory.

Our Stage 1 remaps are designed within the tolerances of your vehicle and requires no modifications. This is classed as a fast road application which is the best all round performance.

Our Stage 2 onwards require modifications to your car and our experience technicians can advise on these.

CSC Motors Remap Stats

Stage 1 Remap


258 bhp
300 bhp
+42 bhp

560 nm
650 nm
+90 nm

Stage 1 Remap

258 bhp
560 nm

300 bhp
650 nm

42 bhp
90 nm

NB: Performance gains correspond to the mileage, age and condition of the vehicle, along with the environmental conditions and grade of fuel.

CSC Motors Remap Packages

CSC Motors are one of the few tuning companies in Scotland who own and operate a Rolling Road, also known as a Dyno. Because of this we offer 2 different tuning packages for our customers.

Road Remap

If you dont want a graph

What's included

  • Basic Health Check
  • Datalogging Pre Remap
  • Datalogging Post Remap
  • Remap Certificate
  • Power Estimates
  • All Vehicles

Dyno Remap

If you want a graph

What's included

  • Basic Health Check
  • Datalogging Pre Remap
  • Datalogging Post Remap
  • Dyno Graph
  • Proven Gains
  • 2 Wheel Drive Cars/Vans

CSC Motors Remap Options

Our remaps options can be purchased as a standalone service or as part of a remap

  • DPF Removal (Software only)
  • EGR Removal (Software only)
  • Fault Code Delete
  • Popcorn Limiter
  • Start/Stop Delete
  • Speed Limiter Removal
  • Adblue Removal
  • Gearbox Tuning is available for most Automatic BMW's using xHP Tuning
We dont offer the phsyical removal of a DPF, EGR or Swirl Flaps, they must be deleted prior to arriving for your remap.
* We only offer these remap options for off-road use only

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CSC Motors Partners

CSC Motors are a professional tuning company based in Glenrothes, Fife. We only work with genuine and licensed chiptuning tools.

To ensure we provide the best service, we have carefully selected the best partners in the tuning industry to provide reliable remaps in Fife and East of Scotland.