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CSC Motors offers proven and reliable remaps at our garage in Glenrothes.

CSC Motors ECU Remapping

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU remapping is a popular and highly effective way of getting enhanced performance and efficiency from your engine. The manufacturers software (map) on your ECU has not been optimised specifically for the UK market where our air is cooler and denser. They will also build in protection to allow for variable fuel quality or poor servicing. A remap can increase the performance of your vehicle up to 25% without the need for any modification and remain within the safe tolerances of your engine.

The remap is achieved by optimising certain parameters in the software such as air, turbo-boost, fuelling and ignition to increase the performance of your vehicle. A remap is not just about power, a remapped car often enjoys more torque throughout the rev range with low-down and mid-range torque improved. All this combined will result in better driveability, safer overtaking and you can even find your MPG going up, as more torque means less gearshifts!

What vehicles can be remapped?

Our remap are available for most vehicles from 2001 onwards using our genuine Alientech and Autotuner tools. Using these tools allow us to offer remaps for:

  • - Cars
  • - Vans
  • - Campervans
  • - Commerical Vehicles
  • - Lorries
  • - Agricultrual Vehicles
  • - Tractors
  • - Automatic BMW Gearboxes
  • - Automatic Volkswagen Group Gearboxes

Is remapping safe?

All our remap solutions won't go beyond what is considered the safe tolerances of your engine. As a company we believe in safe tuning rather than achieving unrealistic power gains. In addition, we carry out a health check prior to starting the tuning process. During the tuning process we will use advanced data logs to ensure your vehicle is running correctly and safely.

Once we are happy the remapping process is complete, you will be offered the opportunity to road test the vehicle. We will provide a remap certificate or dyno graph depending on your selected tuning package

Why choose CSC Motors for your remap?

  • Complimentary Health Check
  • Datalogging prior and after your car is remapped
  • We are car enthusiasts so care about your vehicle as much as you do
  • Original copy of your map is saved on our computer. We also save a backup on the cloud.
  • We work directly with SM Tuning who writes all our software

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About CSC Motors Remaps

Stage 1 Remap

A Stage 1 remap unlocks extra performance from your vehicle without any modifcations. All vehicles are detuned as standard so this will improve your power and torque while remaining within the safe tolerances of your engine. You will also benefit from improved fuel efficiency, remove any flat spots and increased throttle response.

Stage 2 Remap

A Stage 2 Remap is required for vehicles that have minor modifications. Stage 2 will offer an increase in power and torque over a Stage 1 Remap. Our team can provide a list of recommended modifications for you and the estimated gains for you. Stage 2 remaps with the correct modifications are still within the manufactures tolerance for the engine but may require a clutch upgrade

Custom Tuning

Custom Tuning is required when a vehicle has significant modifications. These require a fully bespoke remap carried on our rolling road where datalogging can be carried out in a safe and reliable enviroment. Please contact us with your specification list and we can provide you with a custom quotation or advice.

Lifetime Ablue Solution

Do you have problems with your AdBlue system and have a long wait for parts or just want to save money on Adblue?
CSC Motors offer a remapping solution that will provide a lifetime fix for your AdBlue.

Speed Limiters

Have you purchased a second hand vehicle with a speed limiter or do you want to apply a speed limiter to protect your fleet vans? CSC Motors can add or remove speed limiters from most vehicles.

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Gearbox Tuning

We offer Gearbox Remapping Solutions for VAG and BMW automatic cars that compliments our ECU tuning service. This can also be a standlone service or as part of an ECU remap

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CSC Motors Partners

CSC Motors are a professional tuning company based in Glenrothes, Fife. We only work with genuine and licensed chiptuning tools.

To ensure we provide the best service, we have carefully selected the best partners in the tuning industry to provide reliable remaps in Fife and East of Scotland.