Car & Van Remapping

CSC Motors offer remaps for cars and vans at our workshop in Glenrothes. We specialise in optimising the performance of your vehicle for customers in the Fife area. This gives you more power, more torque, better throttle response and smoother running.

Our tuning can be carried out using advanced data logs from the road or using our brand-new rolling road. We are an authorised SM Tuning dealer who has a reputation for provide reliable and effective remaps increasing the efficiently of the engine in your vehicle.

Our remapping service is carried out using genuine and licenced tools to ensure for a safe tuning process with a health check carried out prior.

To make tuning more affordable, We can offer to split the cost of a remap into 4 monthly interest-free payments with Payment Assist, just ask your advisor for information.

CSC Motors works with Payment Assist

CSC Motors Tuning

Economy Remaps

Economy Diesel Remaps are becoming more popular with rising fuel prices! We can remap your car to improve fuel efficiency. This is achieved by increasing the torque available will allow fewer gear changes and accelerator pedal movement resulting in improved fuel economy (increased MPG) and driveability.

Stage 1 Remaps

By having a Stage 1 remap carried out, you are unlocking the true performance of your vehicle without any modifications required. When a manufacturer builds a car, they do so for many different markets and climates, so develop a "safe" de-tuned configuration.

In the UK, our air is colder, meaning there is good potential to make more power on a vehicle leaving it more responsive, have a better torque curve and more economical as the engine is working more efficiently. A stage 1 remap can be carried out on any car or van without the need for modifications

Stage 2 Remaps

A Stage 2 Remap will offer more power and torque than a Stage 1 Remap and requires modifications to your vehicle. Our technical team can provide a list of recommended modifications for you

Custom Tuning (Stage 3 and upwards)

Custom Tuning will be required for a car with significant modifications which requires a custom remap carried out on our rolling road where parameters can be monitored.

Bench Remaps

Some vehicles require the ECU to be removed for tuning to be carried out. The ECU is safely removed by our skilled technicians, adjusted on a bench (hence the name) and reinstalled into the car. Only 10% of cars require this to be tuned and our advisor will let you know if your vehicle is one of them.

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Our Tuning Partners

CSC Motors in Glenrothes are a professional tuning company and work with genuine and licensed tools. We have selected the best partners in the industry to provide the best remaps in Fife and East of Scotland. Get in touch to see what we can do for you

CSC Motors are delighted to be a SM Tuning Authorised Dealer
CSC Motors use a Genuine Autotuner
CSC Motors use a Genuine Alientech
CSC Motors can supply Milltek
CSC Motors can supply Scorpion
CSC Motors have a 2 Wheel Drive Dimsport Rolling Road