Do you have any question regarding our remapping service? Please look at our frequently asked questions below and see if the question you have in mind is already answered. If not, please don't hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team who will be happy to assist

  • Our remapping service usually takes between 2 and 5 hours to complete depending on your vehicle. This includes the pre-tuning health check, reading your vehicle's ECU software, creating your new software, writing the new software to the vehicle, and data logging to confirm your vehicle is running healthy.

    Any further map adjustments may delay this if they are needed. If you are unsure how long a remap will take, please ask a member of our team.

  • We work with SM Tuning who has over 10 years of experience in remapping cars and has remapped over 10,000 cars. if you are unsure check him out on Facebook or ask around on any Vauxhall forum or group! 

  • Please refer to our terms and conditions regarding the warranty. We offer a lifetime software warranty. This means if you have to change an ECU or during a service the garage has removed the remap then just bring it along and we will place the map back onto the car. All remaps are backed up to ensure we can reinstall the remap if required. 

  • We remap most cars. Please get in touch with the team through the website or Facebook, who will tell you if you can be remapped and the estimated gains. We will always put the safety of your car above the possible gains! 

  • All remaps are custom-written to your car and your specific modifications. We won't and don't ever reuse a file as they are specific to your vehicle. 

  • We don't take a deposit. We ask clients to use our square appointment system where a cancellation fee is applicable for no shows or last-minute cancellations. 

  • All remaps include data logging. Without this service, we wouldn't understand how your car reacts to the remap file we have just placed on the car. Just let us know if you would like to see a copy of the data logs and have them explained to you. 

  • A Car remap is seen as a modification, so legally, you must inform your insurance and is recommended by CSC Motors. We will assume by having a remap carried out, you have told your insurance.

  • From November, CSC Motors are delighted to offer dyno tuning at our in-house rolling road from Dimsport. Get in touch today

  • As a remap is a classes an engine modification, this could void your warranty with your manufacture. We always suggest speaking with them if you are unsure. As a company we would rather be honest than just do it and hope it never becomes an issue. 

  • Poor remaps can cause damage, and that's why we work with one of the best tuners in the UK, SM Tuning. When tuning a car, we will always do so within the safe tolerances of your engine. If your engine has been modified for higher power, please tell our technician when making a booking. SM Tuning's remaps are tried and tested. 

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Please complete the form below to receive a personalised remap quote including estimated figures from our technicians. They can also answer any questions about your tuning and any modifications needed. We offer a 7 day money back guarantee if you are unhappy. CSC Motors is one of the leading tuners in fife for getting the best out of your car or van. We use the latest and genuine technology, our experts can re-tune your engine so you save up to 30% on fuel and gain increased performance.

Our Tuning Partners

CSC Motors in Glenrothes are a professional tuning company and work with genuine and licensed tools. We have selected the best partners in the industry to provide the best remaps in Fife and East of Scotland. Get in touch to see what we can do for you

CSC Motors are delighted to be a SM Tuning Authorised Dealer
CSC Motors use a Genuine Autotuner
CSC Motors use a Genuine Alientech
CSC Motors can supply Milltek
CSC Motors can supply Scorpion
CSC Motors have a 2 Wheel Drive Dimsport Rolling Road