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At CSC Motors, we recognise the significance of possessing intricate knowledge about your vehicle's performance metrics. This understanding has driven us to curate an extensive database featuring a plethora of vehicle statistics across a wide range of makes and models.

By accessing our Vehicle Stats page, you can swiftly obtain crucial insights about your car's performance and understand how our specialised tuning services can elevate it to new heights. For those actively searching for a 'Remap Calculator,' our database serves as an invaluable resource for gauging the possible gains from an ECU remap."

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Our Remapping Services

  1. Stage 1 Remap: Our Stage 1 ECU remaps are the perfect choice for owners looking to extract more power and torque from their vehicle, but without adding hardware modifications.
  2. Stage 2 Remap: Want even more power and performance? Our Stage 2 remaps are the next level. Building on our Stage 1 remaps, our Stage 2 remap has been developed to maximise performance on vehicles with hardware upgrades to key components such as the induction and exhaust systems. (Turbo / Supercharged cars only)
  3. Stage 3 Remap: If you want the ultimate power and performance, then our Stage 3 ECU remap is for you. This is for cars with extensive modifications such as turbo upgrades, injectors etc. (Turbo / Supercharged cars only)
  4. Dyno Tuning: Using our in-house 2WD Dyno, we can fine tune your vehicle's performance given the best optimum gains.
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"Knowledgeable, personable and skilled. Was a pleasure doing business with you, the results on my Hilux are undeniable - definitely coming back for more. Thank you guys."


"Had my Ford Focus mk3 remap yesterday. Good service and friendly customer service would highly recommend. Thanks again"

Ben Mccathie

"2nd car ive bought here and friendly helpful staff and did px with them , had slight issue with car after buying through no fault of garage and went back and they stopped what they were doing to help , highly recommend these guys you wont be disappointed"

Susan Christopher